Леди Гага намерена удалить со всех платформ песню Do what you want

In 2013, she released the track Lady Gaga and R. Kelly Do what you want within the outrageous album “Artpop”. Critics and fans of the song was well received, but after so much time in 2019 Gaga promises that will remove it from all music platforms! What was the reason?

Леди Гага намерена удалить со всех платформ песню Do what you want

All in invited artist, R. kelly, which is about 20 girls were accused of sexual violence. As a result, in a network there was a documentary about the atrocities of the musician, which responded to the multitude of stars. One of them was Lady Gaga, who dramatically came to dealing with the work of the accused. “I intend to delete the song from iTunes and other streaming platforms and will no longer be working with him. I regret that in his youth it was a mistake, and that has not spoken before about this. I love you,” writes Gaga.

The singer said that the song was not written in the best of times in her life. “And the song and video on it I did when my life was a dark stripe. My intention was to create something extremely challenging and provocative, because he was angry and still not coped with the trauma… If I could go back and talk to the younger version of myself, I would advise yourself to go to a therapist,” — said the singer to fans.

In may 2018 person R. Kelly has become very recognizable and controversial, not only because of its creativity. 20-year-old girl had accused the singer in the systematic abuse in their side. As said the victim, Kelly constantly humiliated her and punished. Soon the voice broke through the others and the artist is even accused of creating a “pedophile harem.” The number of victims has exceeded 20 people. Cara Delevingne expressed her opinion about the situation and got no understanding, and the loss of subscribers.

In early January, the network appeared in the documentary called Surviving R. Kelly, which consists of six parts. In every part of the film, the victims tell about their experiences and what is happening “behind the scenes”. On the documentary responded to a number of stars, including Cara Delevingne. For example, John legend, who took part in the filming of the movie, said: “For anyone telling me what I’m brave that appeared in the film — it wasn’t risky at all. I believe these women, and I don’t care about protecting a serial rapist. An easy decision”.

Cara Delevingne used the screenshot of the comment of the artist for his remarks on instagram:”I just finished to watch the movie Surviving R. Kelly, and I’m shocked and outraged, how long it lasted. I wholeheartedly sympathize with the victims of his psychological and physical violence, and their families. This man is a predator that feeds on power, and, in my opinion, much worse than Harvey Weinstein, he should be punished. I’m not trying to compare them, the point is that Harvey is under investigation, but Kelly — no. We are to blame in a situation I knew about the charges, however, are unable to understand the gravity of the situation. I continued to listen to his music. Stop trying to separate art from artist if the person has the voice of an angel, this does not mean that he himself is an angel.”

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