Кара Делевинь на обложке Love и разговоры о красоте

Some time Cara Delevingne appeared on the screens and the covers of gloss, but only in the lenses of the paparazzi together with the new girl. New year — new beginnings. The star posed for the cover of Love magazine in an interesting way, inspired by Asia. Kara talked about the fact that it means beauty and as the first star feel attractive.

Over the styling of the photo shoot worked with Katie Grand and photography has been the photographer Angelo Pennetta. In the photos, the star appeared in makeup inspired by Kabuki theatre. To recreate a vivid image, make-up artist Thomas de klüver used the white tone and bright red. The image complements these accessories: wrap with gold studs from Prada and sunglasses from Tom Ford.

In conversation with the journalists Kara shared his understanding of beauty. “When I was little, my idea of beauty was what I considered beautiful. The beauty for me was in the nature, animals, the sky — everything was perfect. Don’t think about people or about yourself in such a category. When you start working in the fashion industry, you get a pretty picture, but you don’t always identify with her.”

Continuous photo shoot, love the fans and designer outfits — all this clearly influenced the perception of themselves, but truly feel beautiful Cara made only one phrase: “the first time I felt beautiful when someone told me he loved me. Just like that, without all those things, as I thought, need to feel beautiful.”

Now Kara has someone to show her love. Not for the first time, the paparazzi will take pictures of model Ashley Benson. For the first time about the affair stars talking after their sweet kiss at the airport in London. But then Ashley said that she’s not Dating anyone, including Cara. “I’m not in a relationship. In any case, I think it is best to leave that to my personal matter,” said the actress in an interview with People magazine.

Then the girls visited the film festival in Toronto. It would seem, no doubt they’re Dating! Indeed, Ashley herself is indirectly confirmed by the novel, writing under the photo of Kara on instagram “My”. But I guess she did it recklessly, or even doesn’t it! Review soon disappeared, but the actress put story in which he said: “When you just landed and found out that your Instagram was hacked”.

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