Леди Гага поддержала покинувшего Твиттер Эда Ширана

Yesterday it became known that a popular British singer ed Sheeran was offended by the negative comments left on his page in the social network haters. The contractor decided no longer interested in Twitter, and generally trusted to lead their pages in social networks to authorized persons. His 26-year-old friend decided to support Lady Gaga, which once also had problems with the fans.

On his page in the social network she has published a joint photo with Sheeran and signed it: “What an incredibly talented actor. I LOVE THE ED. He deserves love and support as any other person. I wish all people on the Internet were positive and loving, and created online communities that are good and not full of hate and anger.
No reason to insult the artist just because he is on top. Exercise more, be kinder. This should be your first duty to society” — written by Lady Gaga.