Директор дома Chanel Карл Лагерфельд стал гражданином Парижа

Permanent creative Director of French fashion house Chanel and Fendi, 83-year-old flamboyant Karl Lagerfeld received the medal of the Grand Prix vermeille – the highest award in Paris. Thus, he became an honorary citizen of the city of lovers. And despite the fact that Lagerfeld has German roots.

The authorities of Paris decided to honor Karl Lagerfeld honorary awards. Its designer received from hands of the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo. The politician did not hide their excitement. Hidalgo called the Lagerfeld one of the most wonderful people she knows. According to Anna, the Director of the house Chanel in Paris is doing fabulous, creative and beautiful. Also, the mayor thanked the newfound citizen on behalf of all the Parisians.
The solemn ceremony of awarding was held before the screening of the new Chanel collection in fashion Week. Line couture was entirely devoted to Paris – a city where going to the legendary Gabrielle Chanel.
Karl Lagerfeld new collection conveyed the whole atmosphere of Paris. The main decoration on the stage was the Eiffel tower, only on a smaller scale.
The “form” of the city was visible even in the classic tweed suit, Chanel business card. By its cover, he reminded the Eiffel tower: suganya sloping shoulders, and the silhouette more volume.
Recall, Karl Otto Lagerfeld is a fashion designer and photographer from Germany. He began his career in the fashion houses of Fendi, Chloe, Krizia. In 1974, Lagerfeld started his own company and called his name. Now Mr. Karl holds the post of creative Director of Chanel.
Lagerfeld recently announced its work on the collection of decorative cosmetics. He is personally involved in its development. Helps Maestro popular Australian brand ModelCo. Presumably, the cosmetics will be on sale next year. The creators do not reveal secrets. However, the founder and CEO of ModelCo Shelley Sullivan said that working with Lagerfeld for the brand honor.
The highest award of the Paris – medal of the Grand Prix vermeille appeared in 1911. It get the people who have made a significant contribution to the development of culture in Paris. Grand Prix vermeille received: writer Toni Morrison, jazz pianist Herbie Hancock and nine-time winner of the “Roland Garros” Raphael Nadal.