Леди Гага посвятила песню Тэйлору Кинни

New song of Lady Gaga dedicated to her ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney. To such conclusion came the fans of the singer after listening to her new hit “Perfect Illusion” (“the Perfect illusion”).
Broken hearts performers than once gave the world beautiful songs about unhappy love. There is Lady Gaga, which last month all of a sudden decided to break up with actor Taylor Kinney, suddenly, quickly, as if on hot traces has released a new song.

“It wasn’t love, it was a perfect illusion,” sings the song Gaga, and we don’t want to believe she really meant Taylor Kinney.
As if anticipating the possible conversations, Lady Gaga has already commented on his new hit.

“I very much like Taylor. This song is not a means to hit him. He’s my best friend. This song just describes my emotions, his feelings, feelings of my friends or my sister. Everyone at least once in his life felt like that before. This song is about all of us. I never would have used the song to humiliate or offend someone” — said the singer. To the question whether they are going with Taylor to rebuild their relationship, Gaga replied evasively that at the moment they are “two people who are trying to cope with it.”