Бенисио Дель Торо может появиться в ребуте «Хищника»

A wave of sequels, prequels, spin-offs and reboot captured another film that have become classics. In the near future we will premiere a reboot of the franchise called “Predator”.

Initiated the creation of a new “Predator” became the Studio 20th Century Fox. The function of the Director himself agreed to take Shane black (“Lethal weapon”). The script will prepare Fred Dekker, Jim Thomas and myself Shane black, producers — John Davis, Joel silver and Lawrence Gordon. The details of the plot are being kept secret, the Studio refused to comment.

The main role in the new “Predator” should go to Benicio Del Toro. The actor found time in his busy schedule and ready to give this picture a attention.

Active work on the project should begin in February 2017. Premiere date has not yet been determined.

Recall that “Predator” is an American fiction Thriller, filmed by John McTiernan script by Jim and John Thomas and released 12 Jun 1987. The main role was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The story tells about the struggle of the professional American military with the alien creature in the jungles of Central America; in the course of this fight, the people suffer losses and are forced to abandon the technological delights of civilization, resorting to the experience of primitive hunters for their own survival.

Picture 366 took place in the list of 500 best films according to Empire magazine.

In 1990 the film received a sequel titled “Predator 2”, and in 2004 was the beginning of the film series “Alien vs Predator” and finally in 2010 came the film “Predators”.