Леди Гага призналась, что страдает от депрессии

After a long relationship with actor Taylor Kinney and the desire to marry him, Ice Gaga has decided that it needs freedom. The actress has decided to part with her lover. Perhaps the reason for his decision was her unstable mental condition for which she even went to a therapist. Specialist except that he tried to help the singer to understand itself in the course of conversations, gave her antidepressants that Stephanie takes still: “I take my medication. Don’t want to say that I feel good with drugs. Not going to inspire young people into taking anti-depressants or mood stabilizers. I openly admit that I struggle with depression and anxious mood, as I think many other people”.

Note that a similar recognition for fans Germanotta become alarming. There were many examples of creative people, starting with antidepressants or sleeping pills, switched to more serious drugs, and eventually their lives actually ended.

Recall that in 2014, Lady Gaga has already faced a similar problem. The state of the singer was so depressed that she even wanted to quit music career. Then a hand reached out to the singer of the legendary Tony Bennett, with whom Stephanie has recorded a duet album: “I didn’t even want to sing anymore. Every day I tell Tony that he saved me,” said the artist.