Дмитрий Нагиев негодует из-за того, что чиновники закрасили его портрет

Dmitry Nagiyev is not often updates his blog in Instagram, nevertheless, each time doing it with taste.

The new publication of the actor is not so much entertainment, how much for informational purposes only.

The star of the series “Two fathers and two sons” complained that now his portrait in the role of Vasiliy Petrovich Zadoff will decorate one of the walls of buildings in St. Petersburg.

The image was painted over in yellow. Nagiyev such an act revolted and he launched into a tirade on social media about how correct this act: “Ladies and gentlemen. That’s how it was , so. In St. Petersburg on several dirty , useless walls, good artists have painted famous people. Somewhere fun, somewhere seriously. Yesterday, the officials all painted over. In a country where they find 9 billion just in the house, just find where beds in hospitals are in the corridors that cause the priests to light up another stolen billion in the construction of Zenit-Arena, where the roads to nowhere, and the plane for transportation of dogs, — this human rot fights with street artists. All the other problems they decided, more than this worthless pile of shit to do nothing. I don’t care — I’ll be there drawn by me or someone else. It is important that this dullness was something drawn. Sorry for the emotions. Just Nagiyev. “It’s hard to choose between a fool and a scoundrel, especially if the scoundrel is still a fool.” Sergei Dovlatov.”

But what do you think, is it true criticism Nagiyev and whether it was necessary to paint the wall?