Кайли Дженнер в Glamour: о Сторми, губах и многом другом

Kylie Jenner in 2018 — a real boon for the media. It can now be seen on the covers of famous magazines and her personal life — something that interested almost everyone. Glamour magazine decided to invite Kylie to the new release and to interview her. In this model, and the founder of the brand of cosmetics not only beautified in one cover, and appeared on three covers. Discussed in the interview will focus on the complex journey of becoming the youngest female billionaire and a mother.

Кайли Дженнер в Glamour: о Сторми, губах и многом другом

After Jenner was named the first girl billionaire, the star turned a lot of negativity, both from network and from her starry colleagues. It’s amazing how such a young creature to cope with such responsibilities? And after all on its shoulders a small child who requires the attention of the mother. But Kylie didn’t give up and claims that everything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! “Of course it bothers me, but I learned to deal with it,” says Kylie. There is nothing that would not have been able to survive Jenner. “Everything in life passes.”

“I was too shy my lips. Always wanted to make them look bigger, so I let them down like crazy. And then the people are gone.”

Кайли Дженнер в Glamour: о Сторми, губах и многом другом
Recently, the light appeared a little Stormy, which gave birth to Kylie. The decision to become a mother at such a young age we were happy just the very girl and her favourites Travis Scott, but not her relatives. Now Kylie is not averse to talk about the achievements in motherhood: changes in the body, which followed after the birth; the lessons that the star wants to teach other girls.

In addition to maternity Kylie curates its own collection of cosmetics, which bought worldwide. Despite the fact that she’s only 21, Jenner to treat my work seriously, because it literally depends on the beauty of many girls in the world!

“The most important thing that the business gave me a purpose,” says Kylie. “I love to work because my mom made us a great attitude to work. If I didn’t, don’t know what I was doing. I had to create. It trains my thinking and I always think about how to create formulas to develop new products.”

Kylie is seriously thinking about how to pass the business to his daughter Stormy. However, to insist, according to star, she will not. “I work really hard for Stormy and the ability to transfer the business to her, if she certainly wants to, it would be very cool!”

A lot of hate still goes out of envy, because if you don’t like star is better not to pay attention to her. And here is Kylie’s ex-boyfriend thinks that he needs to speak, because he the girl owes its success.

Here is what it says about the success of his former Taiga: “she has always been a special platform. She was destined to become who she became. But when I stepped in, she learned a lot. You need Tr*sterile with black to achieve success, because you need culture. If yours is not black people, you have nothing. You can’t anyone to influence without them,” said Taiga.

Taiga was directly involved in building a successful career Kylie: he even came up with the name of the cosmetics line Jenner. Despite the statements, Taiga informs that with the former they remained friends. “If we broke up, we broke up. We were good together. We went our separate ways, and we’re both all right.”