Курбан Омаров показал видео семейной идиллии с детьми и Ксенией Бородиной
Kurban Omarov published in Instagram are incredibly cute and touching family videos with his wife and numerous children.

Курбан Омаров показал видео семейной идиллии с детьми и Ксенией Бородиной

Eid showed a clip where his wife Ksenia, her daughter Marusya, the son of Eid al – Omar and youngest daughter a pair Theon have fun in the Playground.

“Yesterday, our mom showed us the death-defying stunts on the rings. Children posnosil all the flower beds in the Park. Theon confidently slept through it all. Then together we fed the raccoons and went home to drink tea. It is in a nutshell about yesterday. All good except the beaver.”

signed clip man.

After a quarrel, Eid and Xenia in every way prove to readers their Instagram that they are all excellent. And Eid, so all the more exemplary husband and dad. Now lobster after work, rushing home as usual under the cheerful music:

“So come home from work, turn on the music and let her pull me from the real world. To arriving home to experience the family leaving all the accumulated tension beyond the threshold. After all, Theon is still still what we’ve got for the things she needs “bear-toed through the forest goes” with a smile and joyfully.”

And even admits that “not a kid anymore”, laying out philosophical tirades:

“Earlier in the t-shirt went until late autumn.
Yesterday, the breeze in the neck just blew – all day today head barely spinning.
The body hints at the age.
Hence, there are pluses, age, after all, is experience and wisdom.
Not thrilled with sugary praise and not to react to “a dog barking” I also with age have learned.
Previously, it was believed that who speaks loudly and defiantly strong. Today understand that a strong the one who is silent.
The strong can afford to be real, leaving each “barking dog” without attention.
It does not matter where the events occur, in the real world or here, in the figure, a strong man will not betray himself, he is true to his convictions. Such a strong and immediately apparent.
Among You I see these strong people, feel Your warmth and sincerity.
No matter You wrote a review or said nothing.
Also write no matter good or bad, most importantly, sincerely.
The person who wants to hear only flattery, go astray will not be able to navigate in space, because divorced from reality. I understand this well and want to say that, unlike “barking”, Your voices I hear clearly. Thank You so much!”