Курбан Омаров заявил, что не общается с Бородиной

The rumors that Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov are on the verge of divorce, seem to find its confirmation.

Last weekend, the husband of the leading “House-2” admitted that he does not communicate with his wife. Revelation is one of the first was forced. The man, apparently, was nervous, because it was then that he learned that his daughter Theon is with her mother in Turkey, where recently there was an attempt of a military coup.

“We don’t communicate, so I didn’t know about her plans to go on holiday to Turkey. For her life in social networks I don’t watch. They called me last night friends and informed about what is happening there and what is there now is my daughter. I immediately contacted my partner in Antalya and stayed in touch with him until morning. He told me that the resorts of Turkey, all is quiet and calm, the excitement was only in the big cities. I couldn’t find a place from anxiety, not sleeping till morning. Tried to call the nurse Teona, but she was unavailable. On text messages response not received, – said Omarov press.

While Eid has not found place in Moscow, Borodin daughters enjoyed the stay and were published in social networks photo and video evidence that proves them all right and reason for concern.


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