Ксению Собчак уличили в лицемерии

Methods of education of children of Yana Rudkovskaya like not all — in a recent interview to TV channel “Rain” star told of how teaches son Sasha to good behavior and good habits. Here and strap, and dark room, and other refinements — all this, according to Jana, will help grow the son of man. Ksenia Sobchak met with outrage on the Internet about the words Yana and do not understand why there was such a comeuppance? “Their business,” says Sobchak. However, soon She was caught in the duplicity of human rights defenders.

“Look, what Yana said — do many sports families. Athletes in General are raising tough practices. And not just athletes. But it is their family. Their business. How can you discuss it? As someone who educates? It’s a family thing. Ugly to cut in.” — writes Sobchak on his page in Facebook. A failed President, too, has a young son, so the issues of parenting for her is very relevant.

Though Sobchak kept in mind only good intentions, human rights activists, the words of the presenter do not like — they are contrary to the campaign Sobchak “123” step, one of which was the necessity of combating domestic violence. “It is necessary to amend the legislation aimed at combating domestic violence, protecting victims, combating domestic violence and its prevention. Including to establish a procedure for the provision of services to victims of violence, the accelerated consideration of applications for domestic violence and adopting measures to protect victims and witnesses”.

The first was indignant social movement “Violence. no.” “Specialists and experts of our project participated in a public debate about the issue of domestic violence at the headquarters of Ksenia Sobchak. We are sincerely concerned about the reaction to what happened.”

“Xenia included in the electoral program of gender equality, combating domestic violence and even counteract discrimination of LGBT people. Many began to support it, and the waves misogynic attacks to protect itself. Popular comment under her video about sexism — “no matter who she was — no matter who was”. After reading all this, as she’s trying to protect his friends, allowing himself the violence against the child, and advised not to meddle in “family matters”, it becomes clear that she was not anybody new,” — sums up the feminist Nika Wadud, which makes the illustrations for the project.