Ксения Собчак рассказала о проблемах с ребенком
TV presenter enjoys all the pleasures of motherhood.

Ksenia Sobchak

Ksenia Sobchak has always maintained that he could not sit still, she’d have to go to work,
to get rid of excess energy. Being pregnant, Sobchak insisted that
going to stay long on maternity leave that staying at home is boring.
But with the birth of the child, the views on work have changed. Xenia now like to be at home, caring for her son. The presenter began increasingly to share news not working, and household chores. For example, Sobchak posted a picture in pajamas, face a mask. “Lie in the collagen mask and enjoy the beauty
maternity, — said Sobchak. Sometimes
have built a working day — and again, all down the drain because someone
next time would not eat or poop. Well, at least I’ll look good.”

By the way, Xenia joked that suffers from acute
an overabundance of time. She used to live in a certain rhythm of life, and now
this rate is completely subordinate to her little son. “Now I know the secret people
instagram, which is full of selfies!They have, as I now have a lot of free
time, and to spread the third day of pictures from one out somehow
indecent, — said Xenia. — Never in my life spent so much time
home. And here the law works great Laziness. The more lazy, the harder
to do something. The more houses, the less where it would be desirable!”