Анна Семенович опровергла слухи о своей фигуре
The singer showed a slim body on vacation.

Anna Semenovich

For all the winter holidays Anna Semenovich flew to Bali.
The singer is not the first time choose this island for vacation, considering it one of
the best places in the world. Like many stars of Russian show business, Anna Semenovich
published in his microblog photo in a bathing suit. And, to the amazement of fans, he showed a very trim and slender figure. “Moments of bliss, how long I’ve waited
returning to Bali, for me it’s a magical island! So, Mr.
the wizard, to the wonders of the willing” — not hide his feelings the star.

We will remind, last year Semenovich appeared in the center of
scandal: in a Network there were photos of the singer, on which she is depicted not as
best. The review turned another discussion of the figure of the artist. However, despite all attempts by Anna to convince everyone that her figure
still perfect, many of her followers remain adamant. Later Anna Semenovich gave a pressure of offenders, sharing
snapshot from the gym.

First, the singer silently watched
publications, and now finally decided to speak. Singer
posted a photo, and under it a large text, setting its position to
the gossip, the opinions of others. “I always think about how much a person needs of time
to love yourself? To truly love, not hiding behind different masks. For
the mask of overconfidence, arrogance, pride or self-pity, these masks
a huge number of. Someone all the time works to the public, something proving
society, someone is hiding behind the anger and hatred of the world and condemns all who do not
I agree with his opinion, someone plays the victim, someone all-knowing
rescuer — says the mayor. — A lot of options, and when to live, taking
what you got? Not to be ashamed of himself, but simply to love and stop
to work for (the public) without spending all of this time. I realized I have it
it took a long time: I was both a victim and a rescuer, and rokovoko, and
Dorohoi. And that’s all Ya Every day, I chose the mask as a dress, fear
before the world and the people from the fear of condemnation and misunderstanding and played the role of others.
Recently I started to love myself completely different and not very good,
sober and not too thin and not really, I stopped caring (someone else’s) opinion,
which for so long ruled my life! Now I only care about (my)
attitude and it gives such a great freedom that I want to give
and you, my beloved positivity. To be a sincere person — a lot of strong and
very free people. To accept themselves and others for who we are, is
happiness. We are all different and at the same time, it is the same, we all have the right
to (his) opinion, just don’t impose on others. You just have to take (another) honestly expressing his attitude, but not judging! In this
is the wisdom of our life: to have everything and nothing to be different, but the main thing is to love and accept!”