Ксения Собчак ответила на критику: «Я просто сказочно красива от рождения!»

Sense of humor Ksenia Sobchak does not hold. The journalist is always quite ironic and poignantly responding to the words of the haters online who criticize her appearance, her actions, her life. Once again to practice in wit Ksenia decided with the help of the post, in which he wrote that never, under any circumstances, do not use editors.

Humor this post adds to that picture that she attached to the record.

“This picture I dedicate to all those evil people who dare to assume that we, the stars of instagram are pastuna and photoshop! Officially this is a blatant lie!!! I’m just incredibly beautiful from birth!!!! *This photo was taken in bed in the morning, immediately after waking up!”,– Ksenia signed his portrait.