Ксения Новикова отказалась участвовать в афере
The singer has offered to advertise the clinic of plastic surgery.

Photo: photo from personal archive of Ksenia Novikova

Over the past year, 37-year-old
the singer has achieved ideal from her point of view forms.

“A year ago I weighed 64 kilograms.
The media even began to write that I’m pregnant. The artists it happens: if you write,
you’re pregnant, it’s time to lose weight. Now I weigh 52 kilograms. But I
threw for six months to 12 pounds,
but the last six months, just hold the weight,” — said the singer.

To stay
as slender and then, she continues to follow a certain menu and three
a week doing fitness with a trainer. His face Novikova also satisfied,
although appearing at the beautician rarely. “After 30 years facial features I
themselves has changed: gone cheeks, appeared expressive cheekbones… Sometimes people come to me and ask where I “made” a straight nose. You have to prove that it is not plastic! Apparently, the beauty of nature today is increasingly rare. And yet I have not once called and offered to become the face of a particular clinic,
I was told that my cheekbones I “made” them. I do not agree: I do not like

Details about the secrets
beauty Ksenia Novikova here.