Ксения Бородина отправила дочку в первый класс
The presenter held the child in school.

Ксения Бородина отправила дочку в первый класс

Ksenia Borodina with her daughter Marusya

Photo: @borodylia (Instagram Ksenia Borodina)

Roma Zhukov and Elena with her son Nikita and daughter Angelica and Paulina

Photo: from personal archive of Roma Zhukov

Today for Ksenia Borodina and exciting
happy: her elder daughter, Marusya went to the first class. The TV presenter is already
shared in his Instagram photos
a solemn line of her daughter. “My first-grader! — says Borodin. — All children with
first day of congratulations.
Am in the second grade, Maru and Teika in the playpen”. The AMA
the presenter calls the stepson of a son from the first marriage of her husband Kurban
Omarova. Even Borodin publicly
congratulated Mary with the first day of school.

“My Daughter! Today you are all grown up, mommy
accompanies you to the first class. I won’t
tell what you clever me, intelligentisa, I’m just quiet for
you, I know what you have in your school life would be OK, that mommy, you
you delight and bring home good grades. Let you will succeed, I
believe in you”.

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By the way, first in first class today went and children Diana
Arbenina, six-year-old twins Artem and Martha. “I’m not touching that to my kids
already six and a half, and they go to school, ” Diana says. I am mostly
another concern: I have great fear waiting for the first homework, because of
the school program I don’t remember anything! Even the fact that the kids go in first
class and it is the only program of primary school, tells me nothing. After all
now children develop at an incredible pace, so I hardly know
they will take place.