Кэмерон Диас встретила свой день рождения на кухне
On the occasion of his feast star “dressed up”… in the kitchen apron.

Кэмерон Диас встретила свой день рождения на кухне

Cameron Diaz and Badges Madden

Her 44th birthday Cameron met not exactly in a festive atmosphere. Actress
chose the birthday to begin training in the School of cooking in CULVER city (CA).
So instead of the elegant dresses star was dressed in jeans and a gray t-shirt, adding
your bathroom kitchen apron. This was announced by the Internet site people.com

The day was
Cameron is anything but boring. Classes at school, she came not alone but with
his girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow. Moreover, both Actresses brought
and their men. Gwyneth — boyfriend brad Felchak, which, as claimed, it
soon going to get married. And the birthday girl brought her beloved husband, rocker Badges Madden, with whom
Diaz got engaged in 2014, and last year were married.

And Falchuk and Madden in the cooking process took not
less involved than women. And when everything was ready, all together with
appetite lunch the fact that they themselves have prepared.

And in the morning, before heading to cooking class, Benji managed to write and post on social
network touching greeting to his wife: “happy birthday, my beautiful
wife! You’re my best friend and I am so grateful to you for everything. You’re generous, kind, able to present
compassion, humble, intelligent, patient and loyal!!! These are just a few of all
wonderful qualities that you possess. Thank you for what you are.
I love you!” Not surprisingly, Diaz wife just loves that
its so appreciates and loves.

Кэмерон Диас встретила свой день рождения на кухне

Brad Falchuk

Gwyneth Paltrow