Ксения Бородина зажгла на свадьбе друга The TV host sang at the nuptials of their close friends. Ksenia Borodina had a wonderful evening. At the celebration she had come without her husband, but surrounded by many friends on the project “Dom-2”.

      Ксения Бородина зажгла на свадьбе друга

      Longtime host of the popular reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina has shared the joy with his friend Lion. Director of celebrity teledive married. Borodin could not miss such a happy event – the wedding of Leo and his lady Alena. The couple decided to hold the celebration in a big way, and made a feast on the boat.

      Judging by the numerous photos, the guests had a great time at the wedding. They are constantly photographed and filmed a video of what happened at the festival. But most interestingly, could not fail to note the followers of Xenia, is the fact that she sang for a friend. Fans were glad for the presenter and praised her vocal abilities. “Ksenia, you’re really good”, “Xenia’s cool! Girl”, “Xenia, you’re done. Used to think who my ideal, and yet realized that the character I really like Xenia. There are no words”, – has pleased the fans.

      Video published borodylia (@borodylia) 2 Jun 2016 11:53 PDT

      For followers has been amazing that Xenia came to the festival without his wife Kurban Omarov. They used to always see the pair together, but this time suggested that, most likely, my husband Borodina were urgent business, so he could not attend the wedding. However, the media personality was at the ceremony in his usual environment. Among the stellar guests who appeared at the wedding of a Lion, were Daria Pynzar with her husband Sergei, a friend Borodina Katya Zhuzha, Natalia gulkin and many others.

      Also did not go unnoticed and dress, in which Borodin came to the wedding. Fans could not help but note how beautiful Ksenia looked at the festival. For celebration she chose a green fitted short dress with open neckline. Fans noted that Borodina outfit perfectly highlights her figure. In late December, Xenia gave birth to second daughter of Theon, and very quickly returned to previous form. A few weeks after birth Borodin rushed to the gym to workout, and as soon as the doctors allowed to do sports, she immediately started to improve your body. Moreover, together with his girlfriend Oksana Samoilova they have developed a special methodology which will enable all young mums to support the figure in norm.

      Ksenia Borodina and Oksana Samoilov gave a glamorous fitness

      “Developing the program, the experts took into account all peculiarities of a female organism in the period of breast-fed and after it! Comprehensive subscription includes tailored to your personal features of the system of nutrition and training, which consists of painted to grams of diet that includes five meals, as well as three workouts a week” – as described by its program slimming Borodin.

      Ксения Бородина зажгла на свадьбе друга
      Ксения Бородина зажгла на свадьбе друга
      Ксения Бородина зажгла на свадьбе друга

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