Daughter Nargiz Zakirova remains to live with his father

Дочь Наргиз Закировой остается жить с отцом On the eve it became known that the star of the show “the Voice” divorced from her husband, with whom they lived for 20 years. According to Nargiz, Philip Balsano requires her money to pay off debts. Daughter Leila Zakirova will not go away from his father in such a difficult period of time, she would support it.

      Дочь Наргиз Закировой остается жить с отцом

      On the eve of Nargiz Zakirova said that he had filed for divorce from her husband Philip, Balzano, with whom they lived for 20 years in marriage. According to the singer, the main reason for the gap was the financial differences. Nargiz Zakirova: “My ex-husband is asking for 40 thousand dollars for a divorce”

      In new York it was very difficult to find a job, so Philip was at home, and Nargis went on tour and worked in Russia, to support a family and pay the bills. “Now he blames me that I am a negligent mother and I left him there with his daughter. From him received threats not only towards me but also towards my family and children. On the second day of my arrival in new York, just recently, Phillip got drunk and arrived home just in a deranged state. He began to rush to my son, until the battering. I’m stuck between them and barely separated,” recalls Nargis.

      The singer’s daughter, 16-year-old Leyla, a very wise for her age girl. According to Nargis, the heiress, unfortunately, will live in USA with my dad. She will take care of him so he didn’t do anything stupid.

      “She was really worried, of course. She was, of course, on my side, because, seeing the inappropriate behavior of the father, she, too, was very painful. But Leila told me: “Mom, I love you madly, I’m on your side and see what the father doeth, but in this situation you are better with grandma (my mom) and I (my son) to stay together. I’ll stay with him, because he can make some mistakes and I can stop him.” Now she is living with her father,” shared the star of the show “the Voice.”

      Zakirov claims in an interview with Life that he initially disliked her son. Spouse Nargiz once even tried to strangle the child. According to the singer, he repeatedly threatened her and the children a gun and said that all would be shot.

      Meanwhile, Balzano confesses his eternal love to the singer and believes that there may be rumors surrounding their break with Zakirova. “Those few who really know me as a person, I ask you to accept any bad reviews about me with a grain of salt. Those who know me, I can say that I am a good guy,” said Philip. Husband Nargiz Zakirova: “I will always love you”

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