Ксения Бородина отмечает важную дату The youngest daughter of TV presenter turned three months. Ksenia Borodina celebrates his birthday today Teona. Fans joined the congratulations.

      Ксения Бородина отмечает важную дату

      Now undisputed leading reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina has a rest in Thailand, where she went together with her husband Kurban Omarov and older children, Omar and Mary. Today for the whole family a special holiday – three months ago, Xenia became a mother for the second time.

      “Our Princess today, three months”, – wrote Ksenia in the microblog and published a photo of the baby, prudently covering her face emoticons. Fans rushed to congratulate Her with this holiday and shared her joy. “Congratulations. Smiles, good health and more happiness”, “Congratulations! Let baby grow healthy and happy you!”, “Baby doll, already so big, and like only recently born. Congratulations! The health of your whole family!” – glad followers Borodina.

      Ксения Бородина отмечает важную дату

      I must say that she is very kind to the health of his youngest daughter. Three-month baby to take with you on vacation it is considered to be very dangerous because extreme temperatures and many hours of flight could have a negative impact on the health Teona. We will remind that not so long ago Ksenia entered into a contract with one of the clinics that the health of her youngest daughter was always monitored by an experienced doctor.

      “Not every mother behaves like Xenia, – told “StarHit” Dr. Marina Shcherbakova. She participates in everything, asks questions, is fulfilling its purpose. Well-versed in everything that’s going on with her daughter. But Eid is a very exciting dad. He’s worried, trying to control everything. Always present at the examination of his daughter. It is clear that he is in love with the baby. Asks a lot of questions. He was very interested in, see whether children at this age is that you listen to. I explained that at Teona all the feelings included and from the month it captures the look. Therefore it is possible to show bright objects, toys. Ksenia is an experienced mother. And, as between her two children age difference is small – 6 years old, did not have time to forget anything, and she didn’t have, for example, to re-learn to change a diaper.

      But very soon the TV presenter and his family will return to Moscow. And while she enjoys the rest and enjoys spending every minute spent together with a spouse Kurban. “You remember as a child, playing trust… Close my eyes and fall, and you get caught. So with him, I’m ready to play all my life. Know get caught,” – said Ksenia in the microblog.

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