Alcohol destroys the career of a star of the “Harry Potter”

Алкоголь разрушает карьеру звезды «Гарри Поттера»
Fans of Rupert Grint concerned about the state of his health.

Алкоголь разрушает карьеру звезды «Гарри Поттера»

Rupert Grint

Алкоголь разрушает карьеру звезды «Гарри Поттера»

Rupert Grint


Recently, the Network appeared
shocking photos of Grint Rupert, who played Ron Wisely in the Saga of “Harry Potter”. The paparazzi “caught” by the actor leaving
small hotel in a very inappropriate way — dirty, unkempt hair, huge dark circles under his eyes and unkempt, sometimes torn clothing. More
also, according to the media, Grint, barely keeping on his feet — he seems to have been able
of strong alcoholic intoxication. In this form Rupert lately
increasingly began to appear in public. Even his close friends do not deny that the 27-year-old actor had problems with alcohol. Fans are sounding the alarm, suspecting,
the Grint “harbored” of alcohol in his failures in his career.

It seems that glory,
suddenly struck in 2001, on the heads of young Daniel Redcliffe and Rupert of Grinta had not the best influence on further
the fate of aspiring actors. The psyche of young talents, who had
growing up right on the set, was not ready for that kind of scrutiny
to himself. Moreover, during 10 years of filming the actors
become hostages of the display images of Harry and Ron . And Daniel, and especially Ron was not easy to make the audience believe that they are able to play other heroes.

According to foreign
press, Rupert Grint is struggling to cope with the situation. He recently failed the audition for the role in the movie “Eddie
“The eagle”, and this, apparently, was the last straw in a series of career setbacks Rupert. Since then, Grint, pretty abuse alcohol and rarely leaves the house, staying in
severe depression.

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