Ксения Алферова получила травму на съемках
The actress has already a month and a half heals the wound “in the frame”.

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: Instagram

Ksenia Alferova still cannot cure the trauma
received during the filming of “to say Goodbye will not.” Then the actress, trying
to be more convincing in the picture, received a wound of the Shin. Xenia
told, under what circumstances was this matter.

“Imagine — said Alferov, — I’m as much in December
the filming of the war film toting soldier on the field filming knee-deep in snow! So
tried that the knee still hurts.” In this case, the actress, as always, is not discouraged and says to do
also his fans. And in order that the wound healed faster, star
it uses a special bandage. “Very cheerful and mochnacki looks —
smiling Ksenia. — Again, I fly. Do not hang your nose!”

The film “won’t say Goodbye” talks about
little-known pages of the great Patriotic war — the defense of Kalinin city
(now Tver). In the autumn of 1941, the war suddenly come to the Volga
cities and citizens quickly formed a militia. Curiously,
the shooting took place in those places, which tells the script — on the streets
and quays of Tver and around the city. And in the crowd busy with children and grandchildren
those who in 1941 defended Kalinin from the Nazis. Director Pavel Drozdov,
by the way, was also born in Tver. And from his grandmother heard many stories
associated with the heroic period of the life of this place.