Ксения Алферова ищет способ выбраться из депрессии The actress admitted that betrayed despondency. Ksenia Alferova has shared with fans his method of dealing with a bad mood. She said that love saves her from any of the spleen.

      The theater and film actress Ksenia Alferova devotes a lot of time working on stage and takes an active part in the Affairs of the charity Fund “I am,” which she founded together with her husband Yegor Bereavem. Fans were surprised when they found out that the artist is also prone to melancholy and depression. Apparently, the fans thought that rich life Alferova displaces all the negative thoughts and keeps it in good shape. Nevertheless, she admitted that she often has to deal with a bad mood.

      “To begin to cry from the heart to any turbidity does not hold, then the window to look out, there’s always something beautiful there to it to fill himself. Smile at those around, to pray, morikawa-barking companions with their requirements of love and affection is also good helpers, dancing, sports. Walk to the Sunny hares and bird trills filled, I strangers around to help, I smile at them, they answer me,” said the actress in the microblog.

      Fans were happy that Ksenia is not made me depressed for a long time and tries as possible to get in a good mood. Fans of the actress adopted her advice and admire the ability not to pay attention to the temporary difficulties.

      “You are amazing! Thank you for your sincerity and kindness! It charges, I can even say contagious”, “Ksyusha! What a nice, sensitive soul, what a kind heart! Thank you!”, “Good boy. The spleen is in many, but not all are able to get out of it themselves (I myself, knowing that nobody knows me better than most)”, “mood swings, common to all, is the norm, after the Blues comes a little emptiness. And then everything will be fine and as it should be! It is important how we deal with it”, – expressed his opinion of the subscribers Ksenia.

      Ksenia said that about your troubles helps her to forget work for a nonprofit. The actress also admitted that the support of loved ones leaves no depression, no chance.

      “And most importantly – my daughter’s “Mom, I love you so much!” and a gentle hug. Without this complex, of course, but if the attention from himself to the world around you to switch, it is possible!” – said Alferov.