The star of “Real boys” have lost their luxury cars

Звезда «Реальных пацанов» лишилась роскошной иномарки The actress and TV presenter Yulia the Kolmogorov stole a car parked near the house of a celebrity in Perm. The frustrated woman turned to law enforcement. At the moment there is an investigation into the incident.

      Звезда «Реальных пацанов» лишилась роскошной иномарки

      Actress Julia Kolmogorova, known for her role as the mother of Valeria in the TV series “Real boys” became a victim of hackers. A woman lost her luxury car, which was parked near her home. The incident occurred on Wednesday, March 29, in Perm. Kolmogorov firmly convinced that her car was not towed.

      Celebrity intends to find a foreign car and has already started to take first steps in this direction. According to celebrity, she went to the police. Currently, law enforcement officers are reviewing video recordings obtained from surveillance cameras. In addition, Julia has addressed for the help to friends.

      “Friends, I stole a car… BMW X6 white color. Please note, maybe it is about your home or your Parking lot…” – said the artist, adding to your post about the number of the missing car.
      Звезда «Реальных пацанов» лишилась роскошной иномарки

      The publication of the Kolmogorov caused a storm of emotions among its subscribers. They began to share with actress their experiences and to Express sympathy for the current situation. “I got a month ago also “stole”. Found in the impound lot”, “don’t give up!”, “I hope the car was insured,” “a Similar thing happened with our friends four years ago. His eyes stole “Toyota”. Went to the store, and the output saw only the “tail” of the machine. Search, sorry, nothing”, “we Must look where X6 was in an accident. Likely to be a twin,” discussed the familiar woman.

      Recall that in the “Real boys” a native of the Perm Krai Julia Kolmogorova played Larissa, the mother of Valeria. The first time a woman appeared in the popular TV show in 2011. The work of Kolmogorov caused a storm of emotions among fans serial movie. They are highly noted for her acting ability. “Thin, beautiful, amazing”, “Unique artist”, “love”, and discussed social media users.

      In addition, the Kolmogorov-known thanks to the work leading to Perm channels – local branch VGTRK and “VETTA”. Being a lecturer at the Department of choreography at the Institute of art and culture, the actress also conducts classes for the students.

      As for the personal life of the actress, she is married and has a son Myron, who was born in 2008.