Ксения Алферова поделилась рецептом счастья
The actress is celebrating a special occasion.

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: Instagram

Ksenia Alferova has shared his recipe of how to always be
joyful and happy. The actress did it in honor of the holiday, which is today
whole world celebrates the International day of happiness.

“Today, dear friends, such a special day that even
the most hardcore nerds can’t find anything good that they
surrounds! — smiling star. — Today is the international day of happiness! And for
happiness, in my opinion, many do not. The main thing is not to expect that someone or something
will make you happy! Because happiness lives in each of us. It’s hiding
and everywhere that surrounds us: in svezhesvarennogo invigorating coffee, singing
a tiny bird outside the window, in the purr of a cat, ray of sunshine hiding behind
the clouds, in the text, another in the voice of my mother on the telephone in a pleasant
memories in the old istriana bear from your childhood, in a puddle at the entrance,
in which you can stand, as in childhood, the crisp cheerful carrots,
accidental or not Elkanah the bus on the way to work, or rather, in your
sincere smile to the offender, or rather, his grateful smile in response,
any color the sky over your head — you see it, you feel rain drops on
face, and so you live, so you happy!”