Anna Kalashnikov announced the wedding!

Анна Калашникова объявила о свадьбе!
Model gathered again married.

Anna Kalashnikova

Photo: @Instagram annakalash Anna Kalashnikova

Anna Kalashnikova has announced that they will soon marry. Who model will go under the crown, is a closely guarded secret. The date of celebration it is also not yet open, but already chose an outfit in which it will become a married lady.

Appearing recently at a fashion show designer, Galiya Akhmatova, Kalashnikov was beaming with happiness. The model took to the runway in a luxurious wedding dress, and backstage admitted: “At present, the show was attended by my new young man. And although it is said that the groom should not see the bride before the wedding in a wedding dress, we decided not to give in to superstition. My beloved after the show admitted that fell in love with me even more after I saw the image of the bride. Not yet ready to name him – he doesn’t want publicity. But I assure you, we are fine, I’m happy. Choose a date to officially become husband and wife”, — quotes the portal Kalashnikov

Incidentally, not long ago, Anna managed to communicate with her ex-fiance Prokhor Chaliapin. The pair managed to forgive one another past wrongs and to build friendships. The other day Anna and Prokhorov, together celebrated the birthday of the son Kalashnikova Daniel, who was for two years.