Кристина Орбакайте и Филипп Киркоров стали академиками
Artists headed jury of the prestigious award.

Kristina Orbakaite and Philip Kirkorov

“We are academics!” — notified its subscribers in the social network of Christina Aguilera, posting a photo of herself and Phillip Kirkorov with the official presentation of the Russian national music Award, which established the “Academy of Russian music”. Its members were the singers. “I hope that we will succeed! After all, we are together!” — shared the singer.

National music awards will be held this year and should become according to the organizers the most honest and objective in the history of Russian music. That evening among the guests was a draw, which chose the 15 members of the counting Commission of the competition.

Among them there are masters of showbiz: Irina Allegrova and angelina Vovk and Alexey Kortnev.

At the party in honor of the presentation of the awards brought together the cream of Russian show business. Among the guests were Igor Krutoy, Valery Meladze, Yuri Antonov, Nikolai Baskov and many others.

the Award can qualify pre-registered arm of the record
company (labels) and production centers. The voting will last till November 25
then will be announced the three finalists in each category. Names
winners will be announced December 7 at the State
The Kremlin Palace. Until that moment, nor the founders of arm, nor members of Jury will not be
to know the final results of the vote.