Johnny Depp will play the victim

Джонни Депп сыграет  жертву
The divorce scandal has not damaged the career of the actor.

Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp, who for the last few weeks practically
appeared in public, will soon complete its retreat. He will start
shooting in his first — since the beginning
his scandalous divorce from amber heard movie. Depp
was offered the role in the remake of the 1974 movie, the year the Agatha Christie novel “Murder on the Orient Express, which at the time starred Sean Connery and Vanessa Redgrave. According to the publication the Hollywood Reporter, johnny has entrusted the role
Of Samuel Ratchett, the victim of the killer.

In addition to Depp,
filming has already agreed and others
stars such as Judi Dench and Michelle Pfeiffer. And Director of the project will be
Kenneth Branagh, he will play the main role of the brilliant detective Hercule Poirot.
Kenneth, moreover, took on additional work as one of the producers of the film. “Crime novels Christie — the mysterious and exciting stories. I’m happy that I had the honor to work with such great actors and such a brilliant material!” said bran. For the production of
the film adaptation of the famous novel came from 20th Century Fox Studio.

By the way,
some time ago it was reported that one of the roles agreed to play
Angelina Jolie. But she dropped out of the project before the start of your divorce
process. According to sources, currently the producers of the film are
negotiations with Charlize Theron to trust her with the role intended for angelina Jolie.
However, in the near future, Charlize will be busy: just now she is in Canada, where
working on the set of another
the movie Comedy “Tully”. So
to begin shooting the film adaptation of the Christie novel, it can only at the end
work on the current project.