Кристина Асмус рассказала, на кого похожа ее дочь The actress shared a touching family photo. Fans of Kristina Asmus fascinated with the heiress actress and her husband Garik Kharlamov. They can’t wait to see the little face of the little Anastasia. Fans believe that the little girl is adorable.

      Famous actress Christina Asmus recently became more often to please subscribers microblogging family photos, which she captured in the company of her husband Garik Kharlamov and little daughter Anastasia. Each photo is always a strong reaction from the fans of the famous pair. Photo daughter Garik Kharlamov made a lot of noise in the Network

      Before Kristina has published two touching picture. One of them shows a family idyll. Garik Kharlamov gently clings to his daughter, and Christina leaned against the shoulder of her husband. All three are in good spirits and just radiate happiness. On another photo taken two years Anastasia captured one during a tour of the zoo. The little girl curiously watching the huge animal. To photographer Anastasia deployed back – Kristina Asmus is not in a hurry to show the public her daughter’s face. But this frame has led to the admiration of loyal fans of the actress. They believe the successor of the famous pair are just adorable.

      Super charming babe”, “Beauty. I wish you happiness!”, “What lapotochki!”, “How lovely!”, “What a sweet girl you have! Growing beautiful, just like her mother!”, “Very sweet baby! Like a mini Christina”, “Happiness and sincere love for the whole family!”, “So you want to look at your baby. Imagine her with big blue eyes and charming smile as you have! The health of your asterisk” – such positive comments and feedback left by fans of Kristina Asmus pictures of her daughter.

      Here they ask the actress a question on who is Anastasia looks like – mom or dad. “Both” – succinctly said Kristina Asmus.

      Recall that Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov married in 2013. All were surprised at the Union of the actress and star of the Comedy Club. According to the wife of the showman, at home he behaves differently than in a humorous program. “In life, even at two percent he display not like. He was a different person – serious, wise, well-mannered, well-read, very erudite. Of course, he’s the boss in our house. And their work, creating an image on stage, he’s doing just fine. But, of course, at home we have time for humor, jokes, jokes but it’s not below the belt, not the ones that are often heard from the ether,” said Asmus in an interview with “StarHit”.