Кристен Стюарт о съемках «Ангелов Чарли», «Сумерках» и других работах

Despite the fact that Kristen Stewart is criticized as unemotional actress, she’s still in high demand among film Directors. For example, the famous franchise “Charlie’s Angels” received a sequel, which many waited for, and one of the main roles in the next film will play Kristen! Yesterday, the star spoke about how to prepare for the shooting of the film and other projects.

Кристен Стюарт о съемках «Ангелов Чарли», «Сумерках» и других работах

Edition ET an interview with Kristen in which she answered questions about the continuation of the “Charlie’s Angels”. “The film is where I grew up were pretty funny. The new will show how women can work together (we will remind, the Director of the movie was Elizabeth banks. — Approx. ed.)”, — she told.

Stuart said that part of the preparation for the film began physical training. Earlier, the actress was not engaged in Boxing, and now even feels to it dependent. For her, sport was not only a great burden for the body but also the way of psychic discharge. “I got a little box, which never did before. And I have this certain addiction. I began to imagine that I do and attack that I hate this man. Soon I’ll train more and become more aggressive,” says Stewart.

Soon, “Charlie’s Angels” will be a family project for Stewart, but also about “Twilight” no one forgets, because the project made the actress famous-and set her up with a loved one. This year the project celebrates ten years. As Stewart says, she still maintains friendly relations with the main cast of “Twilight”: Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Anna Kendrick and Nikki reed. “There are always certain things and memories that are close to you”, she said.

The last project of the actress became a psychological Thriller “Lizzie”. She Kristen loves these movies, but then suffer from them. “When I watch those movies, I always regret it because then ill sleep and I have weird dreams,” admitted Stewart.

We will remind, five years ago is not a simple story of the relations of the stars of the Saga “Twilight” Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. After that, the actors did not notice together, but they are not averse to occasionally gather for a friendly walk. One of the fans tweeted that spotted the couple together in one of the bars of Los Angeles.

“I was in a bar, celebrated the birthday of one of my friends. And then in the room came from Robert Pattinson, followed by Kristen Stewart. I feel like I have returned to school and experienced your twilight fantasies,” he wrote on his Twitter page the visitor of the institution, noting: “it Was interesting to watch them. They were like two friends who hang out together at the bar.”

Another fan was very surprised when I saw their idols in the same bar. “The moment when you’re sitting in a bar in Los Angeles, and here in front of you appears Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. EDWARD AND BELLA!” she writes.