Крис Дженнер определилась с датой свадьбы

American TV star Kris Jenner in your 61 choosing a wedding dress. As reported by the Western media, star of the reality show “Life with the Kardashians” will marry his 36-year-old fiance Corey Gamble in the early spring of this year.

Now lawyers Chris are working on the text of the marriage contract, which from day to day to sign Cory. Couple meets for two years and fully trust each other, but the experience of previous relationships and indeed marriages of celebrities suggests that better safe.
“The contract is ready, and both are ready to sign it. Corey no offense to Chris, he understands her desire to be safe from a failed marriage,” says an insider.
Gamble has already proved himself as a caring husband and was with Chris in the most difficult situations. He supported her daughter Kim after a robbery, he spent a few days in the house of her son Rob during his diabetic crisis, and the woman sees that his words and actions speak only of love and support.
“They, like we all have moments of quarrels and reconciliations, but Cory really loves Chris, and she feels his care and protection. These relationships should lead to marriage, marriage is just another stage of their romance” — sure insiders.