Кортни Кардашьян засветилась в нижнем белье, созданным сестрой Ким Кардашьян

Body “SKIMS” from Kim Kardashian can be combined with many items, for example, with a biker jacket. Kourtney Kardashian gladly showed us this option!
To view the apocalyptic film “the DOOM Generation” I need clothes, appropriate to the end of the world. This is a dark Comedy film of 1995, in which 40-year-old Kourtney Kardashian took part and played in the background in her room, posing for photos in the Gothic, yet sexy outfit: Stretch for $ 88. “Satin Smoothing Bodysuit” from the brand sportswear SKIMS from Kim Kardashian, on which owner and founder of a network of boutiques of clothes dressed in a massive wrinkled leather jacket. 30 Jan Kim shared the daring image on the page in Instagram, signing the photo and viewed under the title of the movie in which the main role was played by rose McGowan.

Кортни Кардашьян засветилась в нижнем белье, созданным сестрой Ким Кардашьян
Courtney hair, neatly combed and styled back was styled by the famous hairdresser Andrew Fitzsimons and make-up artist Wendy Miyake gave way barely touched the brush to the eyes and the lips of the star to “Keep in harmony with the Kardashian”, selecting a similar neutral tone of the skin. Despite the serious appearance and the image that was carried by Courtney, post, seems, got her friend, Stephanie Ann Shepard and little sister Kendall Jenner giggle.
“Kourtney Lol @kendalljenner 😆,” said Stephanie, forcing Courtney to answer with a crying smiley, and Kendall wrote: “Stephanie, our opinion means nothing?”, laughing at the same time. Although this will remain a joke between the trio, Kendall unveiled more details about Courtney, when we were talking about the future of her older sister on the show “KUWTK”!
In the episode of her show, 30 January, episode of Ellen DeGeneres Ellen was asked to clarify whether Courtney is now “cease to participate in the show.” But it was not so easy.

“Not necessarily — Kendall began, then explained,’ I think Courtney has his limits, which is understandable. I think to answer your question need to come forward a little, I never allow my personal life to fully participate in the show, so for me it’s always been something special. But with Courtney turned out differently, she at some point allow his personal life to participate in the show, and now I think everyone realized what it turned into. I don’t think it is at the moment decided not to participate on the show. Let’s just say it will be a little different, before you choose a new stage in my life.”

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