Kostya Tszyu is enjoying fatherhood late

Костя Цзю наслаждается поздним отцовством The boxer himself one-year-old son changes diapers and feeds him from a spoon. Kostya Tszyu is trying to give the little heir a maximum time, not wanting to miss a single important event from the life of the son.

      Костя Цзю наслаждается поздним отцовством

      Famous boxer Kostya Tszyu, who at the beginning of last year for the fourth time became a father, it seems, is ready to leave in the decree – if only to see her beloved heir every minute. Youngest son coast gave birth to his second wife and his PR Director Tatyana Averina. By the way, a year of baby’s life, the boxer has never announced his name. For the first time he did it in the program “You wouldn’t believe!” on NTV channel.

      “My son’s name is Sasha, it just happened, I wanted – I named, not in honor of someone, and just like that,” said Kostya Tszyu.

      When grow older kids, Kostya had a career, and now at 46 years loving every minute of fatherhood, Sasha itself changes diapers, cooks porridge and feed from the spoon. “Enjoy the fact that I’m a dad,” admits Peter. Still, the champion forced to work to provide for his young wife and little son reliable rear. From his former wife, who bore him three children, Kostya Tszyu has left quite a gentleman. He had left all that he had, and started a new life in Moscow with Tatiana Averina with a clean slate. “I left the children all earned during his career, says Kostya Tszyu. – Fully secured their financial. Myself actually didn’t take anything”.

      Bones ex-wife Natalia lives with child in Australia. The athlete is going through, which rarely is seen with 21-year-old Timothy, 17-year-old Nikita and 14-year-old Anastasia. He tries almost daily to communicate with them in Russian. The father wants his children to know the native speech.

      Костя Цзю наслаждается поздним отцовством

      Recall, a couple of years ago, the whole country sympathized with his first wife Kostya Tszyu, upon learning that he leaves her for a new passion, which is eleven years younger than the Bone and a head above. Several years later admitted as a boxer, he lived in two houses, and then plucked up courage and told the mother of his three children. February 28, Tszyu was married to his beloved Tatiana Averina, to the day of the wedding had already managed to give him a son Sasha. Now, according to famous boxer, he feels absolutely happy. “Tatiana gives me that joy that I now need, says Kostya Tszyu. – She takes care of me like no one has ever cared”.

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