Kirsten dunst called disgusting kiss with brad pitt

Кирстен Данст назвала отвратительным поцелуй с Брэдом Питтом

During his last interview with the actress Kirsten dunst called her disgusting kiss with Brad pitt in the movie “Interview with the vampire”.


It would seem, well who doesn’t dream about the kiss with the handsome brad Bottom? Were such is – and it is actress Kirsten dunst. But the reason for her aversion to pitt is understandable to all, as kiss him the actress had, as another 11-year-old girl. For a moment, then pitt was 30 years old! No, no, that’s not what you might think, actor no one molested! Just then, dunst starred in “Interview with the vampire” that made her popular. To go to “extreme” measures of the actors made the scenario in which Claudia (Kirsten dunst) turns into a vampire in childhood and over the years she Matures.

This is the scene Thursday to reporters, “Entertainment Tonight” reminded already matured 37-year-old actress. She showed a video in which Kirsten dunst was a child described his impressions from a kiss with a colleague. Then she confessed that she hated this scene, because brad was her older brother on the Playground, and to kiss a brother is disgusting.

Has your opinion Kirsten now? No! Though she believes the shooting of one of the best experiences in my life, but still experiencing discomfort, remembering the “close” stage. She also noted that while her frightened sickly made-up actor.

— This project was not similar to what I first played. Such films are no longer made. And Yes, I’m still of the opinion that it (a kiss with pitt — ed.) was disgusting. It would be much worse if 11-year-old girl said it was great. You would think: “this child is not so”, — commented on their children’s statement, the actress.

Note that in most of the interviews Kirsten dunst spoke warmly of his colleagues in “vampire movie” — brad pitt and Tom cruise. She emphasized that the actors treated her as a younger sister. On the show the Graham Norton Kirsten said that for many years Tom sends her Christmas coconut cake that became a family tradition

The film “Interview with the vampire” — a novel by Anne rice — released on the big screens in 1994. When the movie received great box office (worldwide, they amounted to 223 million dollars) and a lot of positive feedback was even nominated for “Oscar”.

Recall the other day brad pitt delivered an ultimatum to his ex-wife angelina Jolie, the divorce process which has dragged on for several years.

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