Киркоров огласил модный приговор платью Лорак

The king of pop literally inundated the singer with compliments.

It seems that the stars in Sochi erupted to the desired temperature. How else to explain such a strange fact that at the Grand opening of the “New wave” artists dressed so modestly that only short skirt Polina Gagarina seemed to be a provocation?!

However, on the third day the stars finally got their suitcases all the best. Nikolay Baskov has come in costume is a sea king, Tatiana Navka – white chic dress Keti Topuria in a very space, but most of all the compliments deserved the dress of Ani Lorak.

The singer was a brown long jacket – the main trend of this season. Image complements chic gold sandals. And who does not like a connoisseur of fashion, Philip was able to appreciate this outfit.

Meeting his friend behind the scenes, he already gasped: “What a beauty, what a dress! The latest collection of Balmain?”

“Philip, you guessed right,” exclaimed the Lorak.

“It is a gift of Murad for our anniversary. I really liked the style and I knew immediately where it will wear on the red carpet of the “New wave” – later, the singer admitted to the journalists to Woman’s day.

Carolina made the right choice. This jacket is so good on her that neither the audience nor the journalists, nor even colleagues could not tear away from the lorac look.

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