Kirill Safonov surprised spicy photos with Sasha Savelyeva

Кирилл Сафонов удивил пикантным фото с Сашей Савельевой
The actor said personal holiday in an unusual way.

Kirill Safonov and Sasha Savelieva

Photo: @kirill_safonov Instagram Kirill Safonov

Kirill Safonov added to the tape in social networks funny scenes. On the occasion of his own birthday, the actor has shown unusual family picture. It the actor starred with his wife, Sasha Savelyeva, or to be more precise, it is only with its striking location just below the back.

“Wow! The right picture!”, “So we should celebrate his birthday!” — supported Cyril subscribers. Such a good shot, by the way, was made during a joint recess of the star couple. Vacation spouses, however, was very short.

It should be noted that Safonov quite often publishes candid portraits of his wife, causing the envy of many fans. After all, to be in his place the dream of many men. Sasha keeps himself in great shape: for this she spends a lot of time in the gym. Thus Savelyev loves to eat, as repeatedly admitted in an interview.

Singer happy husband is not only delicious cooking but also is his biggest fan. As it became recently known that she accompanied Cyril on the road and ignores the important contributions of the spouse only in extreme cases. For an actor like his wife’s support is very important.