Ким Кардашьян готова рискнуть жизнью ради третьего ребенка
The reality star prepares for surgery.

Kim Kardashian

Photo: Fotodom.ru

As announced by Kim Kardashian, she is going
to be very serious gynecological operations, and in the
soon. This was announced by the publication people.com.

Kim argues that the only way she
can improve your chances to conceive a third child. “I want to have my
children appeared brother or sister . And I want to be sure that did
absolutely everything to make it happen. I’ve tried everything relatively soft
methods. And the operation is the last I have to lay my hopes…
So I have to go through major surgery to
to eliminate the effects of my pregnancies occurring complications,” said Kim.

Incidentally, this statement Kardashian led
in a perfect horror of the sisters and mother of Kim Kris Jenner. “I was sure that you
will no longer give birth. So how can you take the risk? After all, you could bleed
the blood when I gave birth Senta!” — worried Chris.

The fact is that during pregnancy two
children Kim showed a lot of complications. She suffered from abdominal pain and
the lower back, swelling and high tone that led to the fact that her daughter North
born five weeks early… Worse, Kim shortly before birth
was observed as pre-eclampsia — a complication, often leading to death
mothers. Besides, when she gave birth Senta, she’s not separated
the placenta and its surgical removal could lead to fatal bleeding.

And even though the doctors honestly warned Kardashian,
that another birth might end up very sad for her, Kim is not going
to change his mind. After all, how evil tongues say, the desire of Kim is not
just that she wants to give a brother to his children, but also her hope
strengthen, therefore, my family. Kardashian allegedly believes that this
way more tightly “tied” to her husband Kanye West, with whom relations had deteriorated after his nervous breakdown.