Maria Shumakova openly talked about problems with weight

Мария Шумакова откровенно рассказала о проблемах с весом
The star of the series “Sweet life” has gained 5 pounds.

Maria Shumakova

Photo: facebook’s Shumakovo

The star of the series “Sweet life”, the charming Masha
Shumakova admitted that after a vacation in Spain to prepare for the new role she
gained 5 pounds.

“I now have cheeks, kind eyes and the desire to eat
all good lies, jokes the actress. Two days I suffered and suffered, seizing
all these the passion of self-baked pumpkin pie. And like all
fine: preparing for a new role, feel good, look “lush”, eat
something other than chickpea and cucumber, and even men in line at the grocery persistently
trying to learn, but the worm of doubt was killing my brain, and with it

Looks like Masha bravely could become a professional
dietitian: according to the actress, on a diet she is sitting since 10 years.

“When I was a child opened the fridge, mom
saying: “What are you, girl, lascabanes!” recalls Shumakova. —
Nick Yakovlev, me eight-year-old, refused to great love because of the extra
weight. And I’m the only one, out of all the female part of the 3 “A” class, are unable to get out in the winter fountain
waited for dad to seven nights exploring the Siberian frosts and encyclopedia pochemuchka,
which miraculously ended up with me.

Now things have changed. And overweight
I get a lot of bonuses, however, I feel like the generally accepted format
thinness as the ultimate ideal of beauty presses on my mind, mood and

And although Scarlett Johansson pleases her
a healthy body in “Ghost in the shell”, and #bodypositive soon my
favorite hashtag in Instagram, nevertheless, I continue to be sad that my 57 pounds
never lived up to the summer. I dream right after the shoot to go hungry
to Altai.

The moral of the story: blinkered consciousness completely
do not care about our true desires, true nature, true beauty. We blindly
rushing to some kind of ideal, dooming themselves to permanent deprivation and restriction only
would have to be someone far from our nature, but most importantly — close to the fictional