Ким Кардашьян опять сверкнула голой грудью

The media personality took to the street in a transparent bra.

Outfit 35-year-old celebrity while walking in new York on Tuesday has attracted the attention and without outcrops: Kim was oversized denim jacket, a denim mini and a very unusual high boots made of transparent plastic.

But no outcrops, all is not done – a gust of wind opened the bottom of the jacket, under which showed a clear bra, as if it was never there.

In General, the leader of the star family Kardashian continues to do what she does best: bare and strange dress, and at the same time. Not so long ago, she went outside dressed so that it could be considered a crazy city, and part of the outcrops Kim recently has surpassed itself: the Breasts, buttocks. However, telediva can understand: not every day you can lose 30 kg live weight. Kim possible – within 8 months after the birth of a son at the end of last year, she lost a lot of weight and now brags.