Kim Kardashian: “I’m much more conservative”

Ким Кардашьян: «Дома я гораздо более консервативна»

Kim Kardashian has always differed from other instagram celebrities the particular frankness. She’s not afraid to put a naked picture, though is an exemplary wife and mother of three children. Last week, the star once again surprised its subscribers and fans collection of cosmetics KKW Beauty. In the advertising campaign Kim appeared completely Nude, while touting only the make-up. Some condemned it, while others admired it. More in detail your opinion about candid photoshoot Kardashian said in an interview for Richardson.

Ким Кардашьян: «Дома я гораздо более консервативна»

However, as interviews, and photo in the magazine was Frank…again. On the eve of 38 years of the Kim admitted that finally loved my body, so could easily show bare Breasts. Although previously very ashamed of myself, because after pregnancy lost form. “I gained more than 30 pounds during pregnancy, did not recognize myself and felt asexual. Thought never going to have sex! Just felt bad. The Internet laughed at me, compared to the whales. Lose weight fast failed. However, the claim that eight months later I achieved the best shape. And I said to myself: “You did it! She got rid of the extra weight and feel better than ever.” Consent to a Nude shoot for me was empowerment,” says Kim.

Ким Кардашьян: «Дома я гораздо более консервативна»
Kim wife to Kanye West and gave birth to two children 5-year-old North’s 2-year-old Saint. 9-month-old Chicago for a married couple gave birth to a surrogate mother because of the great risk of impaired fertility. Though a star in public “wild and sexy” at home she’s not. “It’s funny, but at home I’m much more conservative than in public. My public persona is wild and sexy, but actually I am very shy to talk about sex. I am very conservative when it comes to this. However, I’m very vain, so can come to the set and to be naked before a group of 50 people. But one by one, in an intimate setting, I’m shy and insecure. I definitely have two different personalities… I Think motherhood has made me more confident in demonstrating their sexuality”.

Yesterday Kim was accused of witchcraft. Many consider marriage to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are strong and sincere. Some even believe that to achieve this Kim obtained using witchcraft. More specifically, so says the star of TV series “Scandal,” Columbus Short. The actor also believes that Kardashian mocks your husband that can be seen on the photo, which he posted in his instagram. The image of Kim smiling while Kanye looks the other way. “I am posting this picture for one reason only. To expose witchcraft. Here’s what it looks like. This is a real problem. Both men and women all over the world unknowingly are under the influence of magic. And here’s how it looks. Call me crazy, but I advise you all to conduct a study”.

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