Ким Кардашьян уменьшила свои пышные формы

As is known, to become famous, Kim Kardashian managed by a sex scandal: videos lovemaking socialite hit the net and suddenly made her a star. But to stay afloat and popularity from the Kardashian turned out thanks to her voluptuous frame, that this, of course, not from nature.

Two pregnancies in a significant impact on the shape of the star of the “Family Kardashian”. After the birth of the son of the Saint, Kim took himself in hand and got rid of the extra pounds, but that’s emaciated body voluminous ass and Breasts look not so advantageous and appetizing as before. To make the figure more harmonious, Kim decided to undergo plastic surgery to reduce its volume.

Surrounding saying that Kardashian has become quite the “other woman” is likely alluding to the fact that Kim has acquired the finesse and fragility.

Thus, if you believe the information provided to MediaTakeOut, Kim has ignored the request of her beloved husband Kanye West. Recall, worrying about the health of his beloved, the rapper-designer was insistent that she never went under the surgeon’s knife as the way she is ruining their health.

Kanye argument in this case is the untimely death of his mother Donna West. The woman died 10 years ago at the age of 58 from heart problems, which, according to West, provoked her plastic surgery (don was doing breast augmentation and liposuction), more anesthesia, which is done by such manipulations.

Of course, West doesn’t want a horrible story repeated itself with his wife.

Remarks from Kim about reduction surgery volume has not yet been received.