Khrustalev publicly ridiculed Urgant

Хрусталев публично высмеял Урганта The presenters decided to have an impromptu battle during the filming of another Comedy program. Dmitry spoke frankly about the career successes of the other. The audience was delighted by the unexpected turn of events.
Хрусталев публично высмеял Урганта

Ivan Urgant and Dmitry Khrustalev have been friends for many years. The Duo was loved by the audience with the first release of the program “Evening Urgant”. On one of the latest editions of etoogo show TV presenters decided to show the audience what a real rap battle.

However, statements Khrustalyov was surprisingly hard. It seems that even the stars were surprised by this frankness colleagues.

“You want battle with me? Killed to be verbal? Well, let’s order. You are in the list sodomistsky baths, started when well-known gesture and the phrase: “Working guys”. Five evenings a week the audience can tolerate you, you’re like a repair on top on my nerves. Nedovadei, guests putting, your very long list of zahkarov so great, like Panin and Chaliapin as your parents. Over the years in the “smack” you ate greasy poles,” he improvised Dmitry.

Rap TV presenter was so unexpected for the audience, what the stars had to interrupt the speech of Khrustalev. Despite the abundance of extreme statements, some fans came to the conclusion that the speech of Dmitry like Ivan. “They constantly communicate. Jokes for friends — a normal thing”, “I Think the speech was written in advance, and Urgant he suggested rhyme”, – commented on the funny conflict fans.

During the broadcasts of “Evening Urganta” Dmitry and Ivan often joke with one another that only gives a humorous fuse the transfer. Star presenters close outside of the set. In Instagram the two men often appear pictures.

Guests of the program were singer Pelageya and Dmitry Borisov. The air show once again Ivan has declared that will continue work on the First channel. We will remind, earlier it was supposedly scandalous news about the decision of a broadcaster not to change the place of service.

Ivan Urgant made a statement about the work on the First channel

Besides the author’s Urgant show hosts the program “Smak” and manages to play the movie. So, in 2017, will be the two films with the participation of Ivan.

Despite huge popularity, the presenter prefers not to disclose all the details of his personal life. Ivan is happily married to Natalia Kiknadze and has two daughters.