Хилькевич рассказала про пластику носа и губ

The TV star presented the photographic proof will the fact that she never did plastic surgery.

Fans Khilkevich are always something to complain about, and the actress, quite rapidly responds to comments of detractors. At least remember, as the star has apologized for a photo with the food!

“I will try to answer your endless questions to my yesterday’s post about food – hastened to answer, worried by the thinness of Ani fans — on the one hand, I am pleased that my diet is so attractive to some. But, on the other hand, surprised some obsessive unilateralism… the Diet consists of completely different dishes and products, and if you see one photo of the food, it absolutely does not mean that I eat”.

This time, Khil’kevich decided to dispel domysly about her alleged plastic surgery. The public has long been discussing, “inflated” lips of Anna, and notes that the shape of the nose in the last few years has changed.

“Who said that my nose and lips done?! Although, of course, the proof is so-so, but at least the picture will look”, – has signed Actresses collage, which connected the baby photo and the present time.

Indeed, Anna is not much changed: all the same full lips, large eyes and upturned nose.

“Thank you, now believe it”, jokingly commented on a picture of subscribers.

We will remind, that Anna Khilkevich and her husband, businessman Arthur wolves first became parents on December 14, the star couple had a daughter Arianna.

Actress, a few months after the birth of her daughter returned to the set, for which he received a lot of dissatisfied comments from the public. Society has become to blame Khilkevich that she was a bad mother, leaves the infant for a job.

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