Kevin bacon is not in control of your finances

Кевин Бейкон не контролирует свои финансы

Famous Hollywood actor Kevin bacon has complained to journalists that have not learned to manage their money, because of what constantly gets into scrapes. All the problems of the finances he come from childhood.

“My parents were not bogami, and they never taught us how to handle money. I came to new York with no money and have tried a lot of different jobs – bus driver, waiter, porter in the warehouse.. it took Me a long time to learn how to handle money, keep track of them. Even now I sort of can’t do,” said bacon.Kevin and his wife Kira at the time were victims of financial schemer Bernie Madoff, losing millions of dollars. Actor joked at the time: “I always thought I was boring live, about me in the Newspapers and now – boom! and I’m on every page”.