Keti Topuria cannot sing because of a spouse

Кети Топурия не может петь из-за супруга Saturday’s concert A Studio was nearly broke. The soloist of the team was sick and hardly able to speak. After the show she lost her voice. As star said from the stage, in this set of circumstances to blame her husband, lion Geikhman.

      Кети Топурия не может петь из-за супруга

      On Saturday in “Crocus city Hall” was held the concert of A Studio. Fans vigorously welcomed by their Pets. However, the speech could not take place because of Kathy Topuria have any health problems.

      The singer caught a cold, her throat ached, so the Borgo San Jacopo was hardly able to speak. According to her, the culprit of this condition was her husband. Due to the fact that the husband Katie Leo was constantly left open at night window, the girl was lost.

      “Levet is always hot and I’m cold. He just wants me to stay at home. Don’t!”, said Topuria. A member of the group went to the Crocus sing in a sick condition, despite the entreaties of doctors to take care of herself. Now the star voice problems: she can’t even speak. This is not the first time that Katie doesn’t listen to doctors. During pregnancy, she also agreed to cancel the concert due to his weakness, and heroically played the entire program. Then after the performance, the star was taken to hospital, where he spent two days.

      Saturday show A Studio came to support their friends and comrades on the stage: Grigory Leps, Ani Lorak, Vladimir Presnyakov, Alexey Chumakov. “Guys, come on you don’t have in our show business! You’re just a legendary band! We follow you to be as committed to the music,” said Alex from the scene, as written

      A Studio group was formed in 1987. Despite many lineup changes, the band still performs and writes new songs. Keti Topuria is the leader of a band for 11 years. However, last summer the singer had a two months rest, while on maternity leave. Her daughter was born in June 2015 in Los Angeles, and in August Topuria already returned to work. However, all his spare time Katie spends with baby Olivia, trying to give her lots of attention and love and care. According to star, she became more relaxed with the birth of a daughter. Every time she is looking forward to the end of the tour, the moment you hug your little treasure.

      Video published Keti Topuria (@keti_one_official) APR 23 2016 at 7:50 PM PDT

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