Кендалл Дженнер обокрали ее собственные друзья

Yesterday we talked about the fact that sister Kim Kardashian is almost repeated it with a robbery incident – Kendall Jenner stole 200 thousand dollars while she wasn’t home. No sign of forced entry was because the police thought that the robbery was committed by someone of their own.

Today became known the details of the incident.

TMZ reporters learned that on March 16, Kendall organized a house party. She invited her friends and acquaintances, with whom they were personally acquainted. When the guests arrived, Jenner went out briefly. About an hour model wasn’t home, and when she returned, she noticed that her jewelry box is empty.

Now the police conducts check of the security cameras that are located around the perimeter of the estate models and in the house, as well as interviewing all the invited guests.

Close to Kendall saying she still can’t believe that someone from her family was able to Rob.