Keira Knightley made the fans a big surprise

Кира Найтли приготовила поклонникам большой сюрприз
The actress once again became a “pirate”.

Fans of keira Knightley in love: they learned
extremely pleased of their news —
actress unexpectedly decided to return to the team
over an extremely popular franchise
“Pirates of the Caribbean”. About it
reported by the Mirror.

The return of Kira has become such
a big surprise, because earlier, the actress categorically denied such
opportunity. Starring in the first three parts of “Pirates…”, she refused to participate already in the fourth film, “pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides”. “The shooting of “Pirates” was wonderful
a part of my life I spent on them for five years, but can’t even begin
to imagine that I could return to this subject again!” — said the actress.
He hinted strongly that the “evolved” level of this franchise.

now, 10 years after his last appearance of “Pirates,” Kira suddenly
changed my mind. As it became known, she starred in the fifth episode of the film
this series — “Dead men tell no tales”, which should be released
in may of 2017. As reported by the informant of the edition, Knightley took part in the filming
in November of this year. But information about the creators of the film wanted to keep in
secret until the premiere, to surprise the audience. Interestingly, exactly the
did the creators of the movie “Fantastic beasts and where they live”,
scramble the appearance of johnny Depp in their project.

same goes for most 31-year-old keira Knightley, as saying that she would be happy again
dressed in gown and wig of the heroine. Moreover, the actress is seriously
considering the emergence in the next, the sixth film of the franchise,
and not in a cameo role.

by the way, and Orlando bloom, which was absent in the fourth film, also returned
in the movie series. The audience would see him again as a brave will Turner this
in the spring and in the fifth film.