Keira Knightley is preparing for the anniversary

Константин Хабенский готовится к юбилею
Charitable Foundation of the actor will be 10 years old.

Konstantin Khabensky

Konstantin Khabensky, who is a huge part of life
dedicates charity, is preparing for an important event. It soon
the charitable Foundation will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

“We will sum up some results, although the summing up
the outcome often means the end of work. To say that planned and
what happened is a normal working process, — said Konstantin. —
For example, last year we planned to collect 240 million for the Fund, for
all our canvases are Affairs. Collected 5 days before the New year 250. It was
happily, it was unexpected, nice. This money you know where you’re going,
to help children, to charity. 1,700 children within a decade
activities of the Fund received targeted assistance.

In our country not so much
active funds, but they hold each other and work due to
that some part of our population believes those who conducts the business of the Fund. It
it is very important. This is a very sensitive story, but in charity
to delikatnych does not. It is necessary to act quite clearly enough