Катя Гордон родила сына The celebrity became a mother for the second time. Kate Gordon is now in a Moscow clinic. Apparently, the composer, singer and businesswoman is enjoying time with her newborn baby, and therefore not in a hurry to get in touch with the outside world.

      Singer, songwriter and businesswoman Kate Gordon at the weekend shocked his fans video. The young woman decided to go on a car trip, but suddenly her water broke. Gordon dramatically changed his route and went to the hospital. After that, the artist cut the connection with the fans and were not given any information regarding the birth of the second heir – turned my phone off and scored the social network.

      “Kate really had a baby, – said the “StarHit” the representative businesswoman novel. – Unfortunately, I don’t know all the details, she was in the hospital with his son and doesn’t want to be disturbed”.

      Fans are happy that their idol has become a mother for the second time. They were quick to congratulate Gordon on this great event in her life. Fans did not spare kind words to celebrities. “Katyusha, health to you and baby!”, “Hold On, Kate. We are all with you! With the birth of a son to you, dear”, “You are so good! On the positive! Keep it up! Waiting for good news,” wrote Katie followers.

      Katya admitted that the last month before the birth was very painful – she was suffering from lack of sleep and violent temper of the baby.

      “Frankly, I’m very tired of this existence in full force. Last month a terrible. The man inside me kicked from all the heartburn and sleep like a drunkard. I’m Mentally normal, but physically feel disabled. You girls have been so? Happiness is happiness, but the last month is tough…” – Frank Gordon with his fans.

      Now fans look forward to when Gordon will present the public not only the newborn baby but also the baby’s father. Kate tried not to advertise the relationship with her lover throughout the year. After a couple of failed marriages, she is in no hurry to link their lives with the elect, despite the fact that they have a common child. She is not afraid of the status of single mothers. Katya believes it is wrong when children are for a couple of reason to go to the registry office to legalize the relationship. A businesswoman does not exclude the fact that may part with his lover. Kate Gordon spoke about the father of the second child